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Tire Inspection in Oklahoma City

We are your source for tire inspection in OKC. Our experts will start by evaluating the depth of tread in the tires. You have probably heard of the penny test. This is when you place a penny in the tread and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread depth is dangerous, and it is time for new tires. If the penny test reveals that the tires could have difficulty gripping the road, we will replace your tires on the spot.

Our experts in tire inspection will be sure to check your tire pressure. It is important that tire pressure is checked when tires are cold. Bleeding pressure from a hot tire is dangerous and will not provide an accurate measurement. Our team is trained to understand the proper pressure levels for tires in all sorts of different makes and models. We will ensure that upon the completion of your tire inspection in OKC, you are driving on tires with the optimum level of air.

Apart from the obvious inspection points, our team will look closely to discover any damage to the tire that warrants a patch or replacement. Tires can be scraped, cut, or punctured without the driver ever being aware that it happened. Our experts implore you to regularly inspect your tires for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Bring your vehicle in for tire inspection in Oklahoma City and we will ensure everything is running smoothly.

Every owner’s manual will feature a guide on the ideal lifespan of a vehicle’s tires. There is a DOT stamping on the sidewall of every car that will show how old a tire happens to be. Drivers will want to ensure that their tires are replaced at least once a decade. If you are unsure of your tires age but know that it’s been a while since an expert has given them a once over, what are you waiting for? Call on GoldKey Service Center to assist you with all your tire inspection needs.

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