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Your Oklahoma City Tire Rotation Experts

Gold Key Service Center is the premier provider of tire rotations in Oklahoma City. Our mechanics understand just how important preventative maintenance is when it comes to getting the most out of a vehicle for the long-term. Our Oklahoma City tire rotation experts recommend tire rotation services every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Many of our customers will request tire rotations to be included when they bring their car in for an oil change.

Our Oklahoma City tire rotation service is very critical for your car’s well-being because the weight of a vehicle is not distributed evenly. The uneven nature of the weight of your car causes some tires to wear out faster than others. Uneven tires can hurt a vehicle’s gas efficiency and hurt overall performance. In some cases, uneven tire treads can lead to safety issues.

What Can You Expect From Our OKC Tire Rotation Service:

  • Full Inspection of Tire Tread
  • Inflation Check
  • Tightening of Tire Lug Nuts
  • Tire Rotation in Alternating Patterns

Have further questions? Give our experts a call at 405.603.4545 and be sure to schedule your next service appointment.

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